Automatic Withdrawals

Automatic Withdrawals

Dear Homeowners,

Did you know that your association Portal has an option for you to set up automatic payments online? Simply login to your account at, select “ACH/EFT”, then “Setup New ACH/EFT Plan”. A new window will populate where you can input all your information. Please be sure to set the start date to a date prior to the 25th so that your payment will withdraw on the due date.

Please note that your ACH plan will only withdraw the general dues amount. You may not set ACH up for a payment plan or additional fines/fees. Additionally, your ACH plan should be set up prior to the 25th of the previous month (example: if you would like payments to be withdrawn on December 2021, then the ACH request will need to be completed online before November 25th, 2021).

Thank you and enjoy the warm weather!

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