“What do my HOA dues pay for?”

“What do my HOA dues pay for?”

Dear Homeowners,

A question we see come through quite often is, “What do my HOA fees pay for?”. We always love to answer this one, because homeowners are always so surprised to hear how much their HOA does for their community.

Your homeowners association is a non-profit governing body that is made up of all the homeowners which live within the association. The association is typically governed by a group of volunteer homeowners which make up the Board of Directors. An HOA is responsible for maintaining the community, enforcing community guidelines, updating insurance coverage, and other responsibilities regarding the upkeep of your community.

Your HOA dues cover the costs for maintenance services, management fees, insurance premiums, landscaping costs, etc. Your association dues also contribute to a reserve fund for your association, which may cover the cost of any unexpected expenses and major replacements/repairs.

How does our company help your community? A professional Community Management company assists the Board of Directors with all HOA management responsibilities. Our team is filled with certified and highly knowledgeable Community Managers who make sure the community upholds the highest standard. 

VIS Management assists with maintaining the value of your home, paying utilities, making sure the Board of Directors is compliant with RCWs, working with vendors, making sure the association’s insurance is up to date, providing after hours emergency access, and providing a secure online payment system and online access to governing documents.

For more information on how your association serves you, please visit https://www.hoamanagement.com/blog/. Thank you all, and enjoy your summer!

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