Volunteers and Work Parties


Volunteers and Work Parties

What are the do's and don'ts of owner work parties to help perform some of the projects around the property (painting, weeding, fence repairs, etc.)?

 Is it a problem or a liability to have work parties?

There are always discussions among homeowners that they would like to help with exterior upkeep but don't know if there are problems if someone should get hurt regarding insurance and liability.

Work parties are fine although should be totally optional.

So the few that volunteer don't start resenting those that don't, here are some guidelines for success:

  • Limit the tasks to those that require no expertise and don't involve climbing, roofs, heavy lifting, and other higher risk activity.
  • Keep it limited to things such as touch up painting, changing light bulbs, re-nailing siding and fences and planting flowers. These are all great low impact activities that will get folks involved and save the HOA money.

In the end, every little bit helps, and everyone can contribute in some way to make the Community in which they live better!